High Voltage Works

High Voltage Works

Substation works

Genfocus offers complete High Voltage Infrastructure Solution which includes Installation, Maintenance, and Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Substation, HV Cabling, Cable Fault Identification, Transformer Oil Filtration and SF6 Gas Filling works.

Installation, Maintenance, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Substation

  • Power and Distribution Transformers up to 400kV Switchgears (Conventional and GIS type up to 220kV)
  • Main and Backup Protective Relays for Transformers, Switchgears, Cables etc
  • Isolated Phase Bus Ducts
  • Control & Protection Panels of all voltage levels
  • Motor, Generator, Capacitor Bank, NER
  • Power Cables up to 33KV including VLF Testing
  • SF6 Gas Filling works
  • Power Quality / Harmonic Analysis
  • Protection Study and Relay Setting Co-ordination
  • Earthing Works

HV Cable Laying, Cable Jointing & Termination and Cable Fault Identification

  • HV Cable Laying using Winches, Cable Trailers, Cable Jacks and Rollers
  • HV Cable Jointing and Termination by authority approved Cable Jointers up to 33kV
  • Excavation & Backfilling for cable trenches including Cable Markers, Warning Tapes & Cable Tiles
  • Accurate Cable Fault Identification using TDR & SWT

Transformer Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration
  • Degassing of Power Transformers (Vacuum) according to International Standards up to 400kV
  • Oil Filtration of Transformer insulation oil to achieve the desired PPM by removing moisture, sludge and dissolved gases
  • Breakdown Voltage tests to determine the Dielectric strength of oil